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Schools in which students are scoring around state or national average, college and career readiness initiatives will look more like remediation than test prep. Teachers should take this into account and focus on helping students master the skills identified by our assessment instead of focusing on test prep strategies. The study conducted in Illinois a few years ago found that students who were taught test-taking techniques during intervention time showed a decrease in ACT scores. To avoid such outcomes, it is critical for teachers to have access to content that can be used for classroom instruction.

Teachers Manual


Most schools don't have the resources to deploy specialist teachers to teach each of the four subject areas tested on the ACT. In these cases, teachers need access to materials they can learn and teach students. Content can be used as bell-ringers or concept checkers to engage students in meaningful discussion.

In schools where teaching resources are not a challenge, specialist teachers are teaching ACT concepts in their specialized subjects and have lesson plans for most of the concepts. There may still be instances where teachers are required to teach middle school or freshmen year concepts and in these instances, our materials provide them with a curriculum to implement the intervention program.


Differentiated Feedback:

Identifying individual student strengths and weakness provides teachers with a unique teaching opportunity to use differentiated feedback and make significant impact in learning outcome. Our assessments help identify the common deficiencies for a group of students and this aids in implementing a program with fidelity. Since, ACT questions test students for a deeper understanding of concepts than what is typically tested in the classroom, teachers can use the manual to ensure students have a clearer understanding of the concepts.

Holy Grails

Additional Resources:

Our online program leverages content licensed from Wiley. We support other leading prep provider content so teachers can continue to leverage ACT prep books they have purchased for supplemental practice material - bell ringers, flash cards, lesson plans etc. Books from the following publishers are supported: McGraw Hill, Barron's, Kaplan, Wiley, Petersons and a few others. These holy grail documents allow you to develop a best-in-class intervention program tailored to meet your students unique needs by leverage our lean six sigma analysis and prescription with your teaching skills.